Wednesday, April 26, 2017


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Hope is the one thing that keeps you going even though life has got you down. Many people have different stories of hope and how they get hope whether it's through music, or a video, or a quote that sticks with them and motivates them to keep pushing. Some ways i believe people can restore hope is smiling and thinking about all the goods things that happened. Smiling was scientifically proven to make someone feel better as well as improve posture and gain confidence to strive. Whenever I'm feeling down and out, I listen to this song that has stuck by me since it came out in 2015 called "Be Alright by Kehlani". The words that gives me hope is "When the tide gets high, you just get low. Hold your breathe and take it slow. Yes I might get wet ,I might get thrown. But I'll resurface all on my own". Back in middle school, I was stressed and depressed with school and my mom and dad's divorce. I had so many projects to do in school at the time and was worried about my grades. After school, I would have to go home to take care of my brothers and sisters i didn't really get to finish my homework so I always tried my best to finish them in class. My mom and dad would always argue and talk negative about each other to us. I was so conflicted and didn't know what to do. Then, Kehlani's album 'You Should Be Here' came out. I loved her voice so I listened to her album and fell in love with the song mentioned above because it gave me hope that life would get better. I was fixed on the idea that people say life goes on but it was a lie in my mind until I heard this song. I think the allusion that the tide is life and I'm getting sucked into the water and will soon get washed up on shore is what made me believe that I can get through this I just have to keep going and just go with the flow.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Response to " The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"

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This story is about a Utopian society where everyone is happy. Behind the happiness of the society, is a story of a malnourished kid who is locked up and has to live in its own filth. Sooner or later, citizens of Omelas learn about the kid in the cage and walk away but some stay after learning what the meaning is behind its existence. The meaning of its very existence is to act as a scapegoat or sacrifice of the society. Everyone is happy because it is there to somewhat take the bad and misery out of everyone. Citizens learn about it and see it as an example of what they don't want to be like and that they want to be happy. This reminds me of The Giver, now i have not read the book but I've watched the movie about a million times. In the Giver, a teenage boy find out his talent and gift he has to bring to their society where they are given a job after their training. His talent is the keeper of memories good and bad. This boy can tell anyone what he learns or sees at his training with his mentor. In Omelas, the ones that walk away are the people who can see that its not right for him to be there and don't want to live with that thought of knowing it is in the cage and can't help him. It's like when someone is in the pool or ocean as if they are drowning but you're standing there and you don't know whether to help or not. You don't want to look embarrassed if it's just a prank but you'd feel guilty if they were actually drowning and you didn't help so you just walk away from the situation. This is like homeless people when you first see them on the street and wonder why and how they got there. People make it seem like they belong their or its their fault they are homeless and they don't tell you sometimes it's the government or they are mental and can't get help because they don't know how or have money to. Yesterday my family and I were getting off the freeway to go home and saw 2 police men and 2 homeless men talking. The police were writing them a ticket and I'm thinking how are they suppose to pay for the fine if they are asking people for change and help. I think it's kind of weird and if I were in Omelas I probably would have been one to the citizens who walk away.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Response to TED talk by Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

Image result for graham hill ted talkIn this short TED talk by Graham Hill on happiness, he claims that less stuff equals more happiness. He begins by opening up with a little humor about a box and its importance. Hill asks the audience to think about when they were happy in a small space and starts listing examples like camping. Then he goes to inform the audience about how much space Americans have now than we use to and suggests that less space and less stuff equals a smaller footprint to save money. He then talks about his own project called "Life Edited" where he went from a 600 square foot apartment to a 400 square foot apartment and how he saved money. Graham Hill got everything he wanted and needed by editing his life to less stuff and less space. He finishes by saying the box isn't important and he doesn't even need it anymore. I think he was trying to inform the audience about his apartment that folds in and out but works well for him. 

While I watched the video, I was really confused at first. I didn't know what the point of the talk was until I started thinking about his words and what he was saying. I believe he was trying to put out information about this apartment to sell it but also suggest to people that less is more. I think in some cases, that claim is true but also untrue. He talked about how less stuff can give you less stress and can make you have more freedom. I can relate because when I was on Winter Break, I had no worries and didn't have my Chromebook charger so I couldn't really do anything but it made me less stressed. I always seem to feel like I need to do something when I have time to do nothing but that break made me realize a lot of things and really focus on myself and what I want. I can see that because I have my phone, I always want to be on it and make plans but plans make me stressed. This unit on happiness really opened my mind on life and look over myself.

Reflection of Dan Gilbert's TED talk " The surprising science of happiness"

Image result for ted talksIn this TED talk by Dan Gilbert about the science of happiness, it is what it reads. He talks about how our brains have grown and gotten significantly bigger in size and its functions. Now, we have a pre-frontal cortex that does many jobs but the most important is it is an experience simulator. Therefore it helps us make decisions from what we think could happen. Our pre-frontal cortex is a factor of why we synthesize happiness and believe it's something to be found. He also introduces natural happiness which is what we feel when we get what we want. Nothing is good or bad but we think it is or isn't. 

From this TED talk, I got a scientific look on happiness. I learned that our ancestors or people before us did not have a pre-frontal cortex and we adapted it. I can relate to what he says when he tells us how we synthesize happiness because I do that. I know the feeling of natural happiness too because when I don't get what I want, I think it is bad and I'm not happy. Happiness is really overthought and I think everyone nowadays thinks a lot about happiness because when they want to feel it all the time. In doing what you love, you can find yourself feeling happy. When you are feeling sad, it can get to the point where your heart can feel like it is actually hurting like your mind. An example is like roller coasters where if you think roller coasters are fun, you'll get on it and if you overthink it and believe they are scary and dangerous you won't go. This is what happened to me when I was going on the Journey to Atlantis ride at Seaworld. It looked scary and I didn't think I would like it but when my sister persuaded me into getting on the ride, I had fun because she made me think it wouldn't be as scary as I thought. I always use to say before we started studying happiness, "Do what makes you happy" but that made everyone overthink including myself which is why I never really liked tasting new foods even from my own culture. I believe that we have to think about the things we can control like what we do and start experiencing things we don't think we like because we never tried (stepping out of our comfort zone).  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Happiness :)

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Happiness is the feeling you get when you're content or filled with a lot of joy. Some things that make me happy are dancing, singing, food, music, and being around my favorite family and friends. After reading the article, In Pursuit of Unhappiness by Darrin M. McMahon, I can see now that I am one of the many people who make happiness the main goal of my decisions. From breaking down this article and explain what the author is doing in the text, it has opened my mind. I began to think about my actions and how I always overthought an event or activity and see whether or not it's going to make me happy. In biology, I learned that you should try new things and step out of your comfort zone because you never know what might happen til you do it. I was invited to Camp Lead twice last semester and didn't go because I was scared and didn't want to meet new people. This semester, I wasn't invited and now everybody wants to go because people who went the first time said it's fun and had good comments about the program. I'm sort of upset at myself now because I feel like I missed a great opportunity but I really don't want to miss school for it. One time I was really happy in stepping out of my comfort zone was back in 6th grade. We took a scientific trip to Disneyland's California Adventure and learned about acceleration and Newton's first law of motion. The science program at Disneyland, is connected with riding California Screaming and Tower of Terror. I went to Disneyland the year before and didn't go on Tower of Terror because I was really scared to. I ended up riding the attraction for the very first time in 6th grade with my best friend at the time and felt pure happiness after I got off. The ride wasn't even that bad and I pretty much talked myself out of riding it in 5th grade. Pure happiness is coming out of your comfort zone, trying new things, exploring yourself, finding who you are and doing what you love. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Self Control

Image result for self control My level of self control depends on the occasion. I have good self control when it comes to problems and helping people. I have good self control with my little sister and her common core 1st grade homework. The new standards for elementary school is difficult even for me but we both work it out. I have bad self control when it comes to food and working out. I love food but I'm also picky and indecisive. Sometimes I don't know what to choose to eat but when I crave something like and Asian dessert I have to get it. I like to work out at night and recently just started to do it again. It feels good to work out but it's hard for me because I like to see instant results. In math, when I don't get the problem right or am confused on how to do it, I usually don't ask questions. Most of the time I give up, until the day of the practice test then I will get some clarification. In our culture today, with the new technology where it gives us fast information, we are used to receiving data fast. With that, our self control can get out of hand and we give in to temptation quickly. I need to build a habit of having self control when it comes to doing homework. I have a bad habit of procrastinating to do things especially tasks that I don't have the motivation to do. I've been working on that lately and I'm proud of myself because it helps my grades and it shows my improvement from last year's grades and homework issues. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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What is a stereotype? According to google, a stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. For example, caucasian people are rednecks and asian people are smart. I have been stereotyped as a typical asian, although I don't really hold myself to that standard that I am smart and a know it all. I know a lot of people who are smart and have 4.0s that are not asian and people who are asian that don't even have a 2.5 or higher gpa. Although you may or may not fit into your typical stereotype, you probably stereotype other people. Our judgements affect our actions and behavior towards another person. For example, you see a homeless person on the street, you probably think they do drugs and drink alcohol. Those may be true for some but many homeless people really just don't have a place to stay or know the organizations that can help them get to a good place. I never talked to a homeless person until 4th grade when I was in student council. We did a Veterans PeaceBuilder drive to help the homeless veterans. We went to downtown and met them, gave them food and had the chance to hang out with them. One of them had a guitar and wrote a song for us. I don't remember exactly what it was about but he sang it to us and it was such a touching moment which is why I still remember it.